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Our company started operations in 1983 providing general machining for the aviation industry. Among our customers were prime contractors with the DOD such as the Skunkworks division of Lockheed Aeronautical Systems. We also provided service to AirBus Industrie in France supporting the Super Guppy fleet.

In 1991 we became approved by the FAA and began to extend our services to include the US Military. During this period we supported SM-ALC with the overhaul/repair of Main Engine Generators for the C-130 Aircraft as well as SA-ALC with Submerged fuel pumps used on the KC-135 and the B-52 Aircraft.

From 1991 to present we have been supporting branches of the DOD as well as the general aviation industry. In 2004 we relocated our facilities to a much larger complex in the beautiful city of Alvin, TX in order to expand our horizons with the DOE and the fast growing field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and to also accommodate the ever increasing demands of Military Vehicular maintenance.

Key Personnel
Includes the founder/President of GTEINC George Tobon with his extensive background in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. He served in the USAF before being honorably discharged. Upon reentry in the private sector he continued in the aviation field joining a corporation specializing in airframe repair and components overhaul.

Ginger Denos came on board in 1997 and has acquired extensive training in the field of NDT and safety specialist.

Ronald Anderson, head of the Quality Control department, was honorably discharged in 1977 from the US Army as a UH-1H Helicopter Technician. He then studied for his FAA A&P license exam which he acquired in 1979, since that time he has been involved with extensive electro-mechanical, hydraulics and pneumatic background. His years of experience as Chief Inspector and Director of Maintenance of a 135 Charter and 145 Repair Station more than qualifies him as head of our QC Department.

Rex Anderson, Head of Public Relations and Negotiations of GTEINC, has been in the aviation industry for over 32 years. He served for over 10 years as an officer for USAF with top security clearance flying AWACS and other aircraft and ended his Air Force career as the Chief of Safety for Air Forces Iceland. He has over 19 years as a pilot for Delta Airlines. His lifetime in aviation has always revolved around aircraft and its research and development.